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Democrat Terry McAuliffe. To lower healthcare costs, McAuliffe would like to expand Medicaid coverage, boost the state’s minimum wage plus increase funding for public education, however, he has resisted phone calls from Democrats for more school money. McAuliffe, who was secretary of the commonwealth under Bob McDonnell, supports Obama’s healthcare law. Additionally, he supports the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

A veteran who loves and respects the Second Amendment, Dan recognizes the difference between military firearms and those available to civilians. He’s dedicated to eliminating the assault weapons and high capacity magazines from the streets. You cannot keep secrets from me, he said, during a debate sponsored by the Virginia Military Institute, talking about past security problems at the Pentagon. He says he supports increased gun control and expanded background checks on firearms purchases, but provided no additional particulars.

He supports abortion rights, gay marriage, open borders and same sex adoption, gun control and some type of single-payer health care, a place most Republicans believe anathema. Helmer states that he’s an open mind about taxes and spending and is also not wedded to any specific party, though more than a conservative blog has named him a conservative-lite RINO. What kind of Republican would he be? He mentioned the top priorities of his will be fighting terrorism and helping victims of domestic abuse, along with supporting programs for at-risk children, the mentally ill and veterans.

I want to have read my article state pay for something. Many Republican politicians, whether they’re working for Congress or governor, have a tendency to agree on the need for state-funded roads, schools that are public and hospitals. But what each candidate wants out of those funds can often be very distinct. By advocating for equitable funding, he aims to level the playing area as well as make sure that every one of the pupils have the information they need to thrive academically.

“Every kid deserves an honest shot at success, regardless of their ZIP code,” Helmer emphasized. Prior to getting an educator, Daniel taught French in a public high school, served as a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve, as well as had many effective career opportunities with the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and also along with the Secret Service. His experience is different since he’s worked at all levels of government, including with members of the US Congress and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It’s about improving academic success and the health of the students of ours. Why Dan Helmer will do better: As a 1st grade teacher and leader in setting up a proper care for the children internet site in Prince William, Dan is aware of how Care for kids are able to help.